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The One You Came Here For

The Undercurrent Skills Maturity Matrix
Flat organizations are great. They put more people against the actual work of the company, and prevent unnecessary bureaucracy from forming around the products of the organization. But they don’t solve for progression. Undercurrent’s work is VERY flat. Our people are not differentiated much by outp…

About August & Undercurrent

Bonuses At August
Occasionally in the course of running our business, we will create excess profits. > Excess? Profits? I thought we were a for-profit business! Turns out you can have too much profit. For example, if you’re not expecting to have a big profit at the end of the year (because a new project comes in, …
Scheduling at Undercurrent
Standardizing timing changes everything. Scheduling and resourcing used to be a complete mess at Undercurrent. Individuals and teams would be double- and triple-booked some weeks, while their colleagues had nothing to do. Building a team required hours of concerted effort: Who works well together? …
Managing August’s Finances
Consulting is a simple business, with few logistical or financial challenges to master. Even so, we take operations pretttty seriously at August. Probably more seriously than most businesses of our size, but that’s what makes us great. Right? Over the last 18-ish months, we have developed five spre…