I'm Clay Parker Jones. I'm an organization designer, speaker, and cyclist in Brooklyn, New York. Glad you're here.

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I've left August to join R/GA. Some reasons why, along with a few thoughts on consulting.

The Trouble With Innovation

Several years and one company ago, I found myself in a mid-project meeting with a group of clients from a large hospitality company. We were sat in an innovation room that could have been plucked directly from the d.School…

21 Rules for Lab Development

Something that I wrote in 2014 when I was in the middle of working on a number of in-house innovation labs: 1 Start small. Everyone should agree at the outset to limit the scope of what the lab aims to…

Change Activism

“Change Activism” has been a handy if hard-to-use phrase to help me frame what we do differently at August.[1] We invite teams to try simple practices that make it easier for them to change actively, on-purpose, and informed by…