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Hello there.

I’m Clay Parker Jones, and this is my Readme file. If you're reading this, that means we're working together! I’m @clayparkerjones on most internet channels. I live in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn, with my wife Emily and my cat Ian, and fill my spare time with tennis and cycling. I also love to cook.

Work Preferences


Writing is thinking. Before I get into slides, I always write an outline, and usually full paragraphs, first. This ensures I know what I'm talking about, because I've thought it through enough to write down what I really think, and what I really mean.


I value adoption of my work and thinking over everything else.


  • I'm happy to be wrong. If I'm wrong, and you're right, once I agree with you...that means I'm right, too. That’s the best!
  • I believe in strong opinions, loosely held. I might sound assured in the thing that I’m saying, but please know I’m more than willing to hear other views.


  • The fastest way to my heart is to start: make something. Sketches count.
  • Talking is important, but it’s not the same as making.
  • I set aside chunks of my days and weeks for maker time, and chunks for manager time.


  • I'd rather my partners get quickly to customer-facing value even over creating something that conforms to my own ideals for what "good" looks like. 
  • If you can get things done fast, at a high level of quality – that's a superpower.
  • When in doubt, pick up the phone. To me. To the client. Don't wait. 

Known Issues

These are things I like about myself, but that get me into trouble sometimes.

  1. I hold on tightly to my ideas (remind me of the strong opinions loosely held thing!)
  2. I jump straight to solutions when faced with a big, serious problem
  3. I readily over-subscribe
  4. I like to get my hands dirty

Thoughts on Consulting

These are a set of things I seem to keep repeating about this job.

  • Success in consulting is about two things: IP and Network
  • Lose well
  • After-work is the best metric
  • Stakeholder interviews are your best source of afterwork
  • Make your money over time, and through relationships, not big one-off contracts
  • Everybody you meet is a potential client
  • The best salespeople can close deals over a meal; if you know your pitch clearly enough, you shouldn’t need a document to win
  • Good deals happen fast
  • There are probably 100 steps to “winning” a deal, and the signature is around step twenty. Step 100 is “a year passed and they haven’t asked for their money back.”

Core Source Material

Fun Stuff – Bullshit? Maybe, but fun

  • Enneagram: ​7w8
  • 4 Colors: Green, Red, Yellow, Blue