Pace Layers for Organization
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Pace Layers for Organization

Pace Layers help visualize, distinguish, and discuss different kinds of work and teams within an organization. Here, I bring together a bunch of great thinking into a single construct. Enjoy!

In 1989, Elliot Jaques proposed six different, hierarchical strata of work, defined by their complexity (and the time-span of their authority).

Jaques' Six Layers

  1. Executes against a prescribed, linear path (90 days);
  2. Can reflect on potential problems and diagnose (3-12 months);
  3. Understands entire process and has preplanned ways to respond (1-2 years);
  4. Parallel processes several interacting variables – make trade-offs (2-5 years);
  5. Applies judgment against constantly shifting events – intuitive and diagnostic challenges (5-10 years);
  6. Creates an environment for the entire organization to succeed (10-20 years).

I think of these hierarchical layers as levels of leverage that different people, or teams have with their work. Level 6 has more leverage than Level 1, say – because its time-span is longer.

By Clay Parker Jones profile image Clay Parker Jones
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