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Activist Presentations & Corporate Structure
By Clay Parker Jones profile image Clay Parker Jones
4 min read

Activist Presentations & Corporate Structure

TLDR: Activist investors want lean SBUs, and they don't love that matrix

I'm a sucker for an activist deck.

For one, there's the tone. Unhinged, but dressed in a suit. Like Jeremy Irons in Margin Call.

For two, there's the specificity and rigor.

We're getting into detail about breadsticks!

(This is from the apex predator of activist decks, "Transforming Darden Restaurants" by Starboard Value.)

Trian Partners just dropped "Restore the Magic" on January 11, and by slide six – excluding disclosures and the title slide – they are talking about corporate structure. Here's P&G's case study, for example:

By Clay Parker Jones profile image Clay Parker Jones
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