Large Conferences

  • Percolate Transition 2015
  • Planningness 2015
  • American Beverage Licensees’ National Convention
  • Event Marketing Summit
  • 99U – Undercurrent Studio Session
  • Trabajando.com Expo Humano Keynote
  • Web 2.0 NYC
  • Planningness 2009
  • Social Media Week: Panel Moderation

Corporate Training Series

  • Ogilvy Engagement Strategy Course
  • Goodby Silverstein & Partners Strategy Superpowers Course
  • General Assembly Social Media Course

Private Corporate & Education Events

  • GE Capital International CMO Meeting
  • GE Capital Americas Digital Forum
  • Bloomin’ Brands Annual Planning Meeting
  • SVA MFA in Design for Social Innovation, Guest Lecturer: Future of Work
  • Future of Work Meetup: Autonomy
  • IDEO: Evening with Undercurrent x Ada’s List

Large Corporate Conventions

  • Sonic Drive-In National Convention: Mobile breakout sessions
  • Sonic Drive-In National Convention: Full group session
  • Husqvarna National Sales Conference