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Org Pattern Language

Org Pattern Language

UPDATE: I'm making all of this stuff open, and subscription is an opt-in way to vote for the creation of this product (and every dollar goes to organizations focused on ending police violence in the United States).

Back in 2014, I started working toward a normative vision for organizing – how work should be structured

The (growing) collection of practices below are all things that I've tried before at companies big and small. When used together, I've seen teams get things done between 10 and 40 times faster. They've been used to launch billion-dollar brands from scratch. They have a dramatically positive impact on org health outcomes. Try one, try them all, adapt, reuse, recycle.


Election Process Guide
Instead of having The Boss Decide™, use this facilitation method to make the wisest decision possible with the minimum amount of preparation and politics.

Adaptive Strategies

The art of simplifying strategy into the most useful, editable, atomic version of itself, using some form of compression.