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All the pages below are accessible for paid subscribers only. This is a bit of an experiment. I'm charging a pretty nominal fee for access to these for a couple reasons: first, because they're super valuable, which I'll explain in a moment; second, because I've spent a lot of time on each one, getting them to a place where anyone can pick one up and make positive change with it.

Everything you can read below is tested, and it works

The (growing) collection of practices below are all things that I've tried before at companies big and small. When used together, I've seen teams get things done between 10 and 40 times faster. They've been used to launch billion-dollar brands from scratch. They have a dramatically positive impact on org health outcomes. Try one, try them all, adapt, reuse, recycle.


  • Elections
    A structured group facilitation method for making the wisest choice with the minimum amount of preparation and politics.
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